About lonewanderess

You have landed.

Welcome to the world of travel from my perspective, the lonewanderess. This is your chance to explore and get to know the places I travel to, the poetry created in response to what I see, and using spoken word to show how we set ourselves apart from society by travelling into the unknown.

So what are you passionate about? What is your heart set on? Have you ever wanted to seek new experiences? To write, to travel and to perform is my passion. It is one thing to exist but another to live, truly live.

If you have similar passions then you are not alone and as Chris McCandless, from Into the wild, quotes it to be exact “happiness is only real when shared.” Share your passions; share your experiences with others.

Travel extensively; seek new experiences, blog about your adventures, talk and interact with others. Make it happen.

My philosophy of life is to aspire to do what makes you happy; make your passion a profession.