Travelling into the unknown

What is our ultimate purpose in this world?11828790_1061731080505338_6594939591891194452_n

Is it just to go out to work every day, come home, go to sleep and repeat the process again the next morning?

Are we accustomed to working the days away? Well, I believe that there is more to life than that. We all have a purpose and we were born into this world to make a difference –to make our mark on the places that we visit. As a child I was always observant of those around me and always wanting to go on little adventures, whether that be to the park or a walk along the nearest beach.

I knew that there was more to my existence than just going to school, coming home and watching cartoons. In my younger, more vulnerable teenage years I took pride in admitting that I was different from others. I struggled to adapt to my surroundings and wanted nothing more than to continuously hop from place to place. I was caught up for a while in the societal norms and I often went clubbing, partied the nights through and sat in the park all day long – but, I knew in my mind that this wasn’t making me happy. I felt more a sense of entrapment than I ever had before. The world was slipping by and I was doing nothing about it.

So, what was stopping me? Well, I guess you could say that I was afraid and stifled by the possibility of change. But, ironically a change of scenery is exactly what I needed. I knew there was a life out there for me better than the one I was living back home.

It was the mountains that beckoned me. They kept me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more. It is then that I discovered where my passions lie. I felt a sense of belonging when standing at the top the mountains that surrounded me in North Scotland along the West Highland Way. They stood before me, gracious and blissful. I have never felt so alive. I had stepped into a wilderness that I wished never to be parted from. As Elizabeth Bennet quotes in Pride and Prejudice “Til then I had not known myself”. To hear the rain hit the ceiling of your tent at night. To wake to the sun beaming is to understand what its like to feel truly free – no bills to pay at that precise moment, or no essays to complete. The only thing that matters is to be appreciative of the beauty that surrounds you in the wild.

It is now that I have no greater desire than to venture out into the wild and travel the world and live freely in the confines of my inner being.


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