Lake District Adventures

Just over a week ago me and Toni Bell took off on our adventure to the Lake District National Park. We had to sit through hours and hours of traffic but it was more than worth the wait. Having arrived by Ambleside at 08:30pm we found a perfect parking spot in the sidings of the road, put on our hiking boots and 65ltr backpacks and headed high up into the mountains. We took the Stickle Ghyll path leading up to Stickle Tarn mountain. It was a steady climb to begin with passing many waterfalls. We then began to lose site of the path altogether. Our next challenge was to tackle the steep climb with some assistance from stones/rocks along the way.

Stickle Ghyll path, South Lakes
Two hours later and we arrived at the top of Stickle Tarn mountain, pitched up our tent and sat watching the sunset. Now, this is the most rewarding part…being able to admire the view for hours on end, no cares or worries and more importantly, no access to reality. Follow the road less travelled and you will never be disappointed. The following day we awoke early (06:00am), munched on a healthy, nutritious cereal bar and put away the tent, ready to head out for the day and go explore more of the mountain. We had overcome our fear that the outer tent layer had blown away in the course of night and thankfully, we were still on solid ground.

We trekked for an hour or so until we reached a crossing which led us even higher up into the mountains. We tested ourselves, mentally and physically struggling up past the halfway point. At times we were having to pull ourselves up using the rocks as a platform, throwing our backpacks up so we did not risk losing our balance and falling back down again. The views again, were spectacular. So spectacular that even these photos simply do not do it enough justice!

Stickle Tarn mountain
Our toughest challenge was to walk along the path less travelled with our backpacks and the rain falling heavily down on us. We had to risk tumbling down the mountain which acquired great skill. But when you face obstacles/challenges you have to face them HEAD ON. It is now 1pm in the afternoon and we have to find a way back to camp at the peak of Stickle Tarn. The only way is down, so we step carefully on a steep gradient with nothing but long blades of grass to steady ourselves. I come up with a new technique; the sliding elegantly down the mountain technique. Its muddy and wet and our knees are beginning to give way. If anybody thinks hiking is easy then they are wrong but if you are passionate about something you will persevere until the end. The waterfall runs alongside us generating power by the second. We follow it down using rocks to support our fall. Eventually we make it down and all is well again.We pass a group of hikers on the way back to camp who ask us on the conditions of the trail up ahead and we laugh and say “there is no trail” to which they look at us with much concern and carry on. By the time we get back to camp our knees are shaking and we are in serious need of a sugar boost.

If you are looking for adventure then take the path less travelled. It will be so worth it!


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