Alone on a Mountaintop

We all come to a point at which we need solitude.

We need time to ourselves to indulge in the great spectacle of the outdoors. The act of living, as wonderful as it is, can be tiresome. No man or woman can function without a little solitude from time to time. So, how or where is the best place to spend quality ‘alone’ time, without the every day distractions of television, social media, social interaction and so on?

The best place for me personally is alone, on a mountaintop. If you travel often then this may not come as a surprise to you. But, some of you will be thinking that this is absurd. First of all, you will need to account for travel expenses and to take time out from your work or studies to be able to find a place that is surrounded by mountains in the first place, right? This is where problems tend to arise. We spend too much time worrying about how much money we have and if we can get the time off to travel and not allowing ourselves to consider its benefits on our physical and psychological well being. Don’t waste time. Just go for it.

I climbed Ben Nevis in Scotland once. I had spent months trying to persuade myself to go. The coach journey up to Scotland took just over eighteen hours. I remember awaking in the early hours on a Monday morning, with the sun rising over the highlands near Carlisle. It filled my soul with happiness. I was adamant that nothing could better this view. Until venturing through the twisted, turning roads of the Glencoe Mountain faces. I knew then that the eighteen hour, very cramped coach journey had all been worth it. The journey to the top of Ben Nevis was tough. Cliff faces, stony rocks, and long steep uphill gradients stood in my way.

I remember being tempted to turn back but as soon as I was struck by the view which tempted me to carry on. I was curious. There were many families, couples and groups of friends climbing too that day. The very top of Ben Nevis was covered in snow, it was at least -5 degrees and there was little to no view. On my way back down I had found a perfect spot to sit. I could see, at this point for miles over the horizon, the clouds sitting delicately on the hilltops.

I knew then that I had found solitude. I was happy and content. Don’t sit around waiting for this moment. Go out and grab it. Stop existing and start living.

Ben Nevis, Scotland

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  1. thisisyouth says:

    great post, I can very much relate. Lucky for me, home is Colorado, which is full of mountains to climb when I’m feeling down. I admire your ability to make it happen even when others tell you it’s crazy— that’s the mark of a person of will

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    1. I’m so glad you can relate! You are very lucky to be based in Colorado, the scenery must be breathtaking. Thank you for such kind words. Climbing mountains can be very therapeutic – it is the ultimate method of self healing.


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