The perks of UK travel

Many of us who live in the UK are often prone to travelling abroad, rather than exploring first, the hidden gems that makes the UK one of the top travel destinations.

So what are the primary factors that makes the UK so travel worthy?

Well No.1 is…

The English Countryside

The English Countryside is renowned for its spectacular views, walking trails and above all, its heritage. Many travelers seek comfort in knowing that they are only a short walk or drive away from national trust beauty spots. Whether you are into rolling hills, or flat landscapes, the UK has it all. Have you ever been to the Yorkshire Dales? This is the perfect location for a good old stroll through the countryside, with its dry stone walls and limestone outcrops.It is known for its delightful towns and villages which are all scattered around the National Park, as well as for its alluring valleys.

Personally, I love to visit places like Flatford Mill, which is a respected area of natural beauty known as ‘John Constable Country’ in Suffolk. John Constable was a famous English painter, who often liked to capture the dramatic scenery of Flatford Mill. There is also a place called Thetford Forest, which many visit to go on long, adventurous cycle trails, or long strolls through the forest park.

There is an endless list of places to visit in the English Countryside, some are hidden gems while others are well known National Parks.

Hidden Mountain Landscapes

Have you ever heard of the ‘Three Peak Challenge?’ Well here in the UK we have three high mountain peaks, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Snowdon in North Wales and Scafell Pike in the Lake District, Cumbria.The regions of Scotland, Wales and Cumbria are top travel destinations for adventure enthusiasts and scenery fanatics. Why? Well because they’re all far away from reality – they’re desolate and remote. If you’re a hiker or one of the above, you’ll be all to familiar with wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and indulge instead in the unfamiliarity of the ‘great outdoors’.

Bear Grylls, a British writer, adventurer and TV presenter recently visited Snowdonia and crowned it as his ultimate adventure destination. He goes on to praise the Snowdonia National Park for its ‘bold terrain’ and its outdoor attractions as a ‘paradise’ for adrenaline seekers. The National Park boasts its splendor with access to underground caves, canyons for white water rafting, valleys and high velocity zip lining. The ultimate challenge in Snowdonia though of course, is to climb its highest mountain peak at 1,085m above sea level which stands tall over the town of Llanberis. Its possible to climb it in a few hours, but be warned that you probably should try to avoid climbing it in the winter months, unless you are an ultimate adrenaline junkie and can handle the snow blizzards and torrential rain.

Why travel to Scotland? Scotland’s familiar highland town of Fort William is also known as the outdoor capital of the UK. In Fort William you can go walking, hiking, sea kayaking, skiing, canoeing…the list is endless. The main tourist attraction in Fort William is Ben Nevis, at 1,345m and the highest mountain in the British Isles. Its known for its incredible steep uphill climb, but spectacular views once you reach the top, overlooking the town of Fort William as well as other highland peaks in the distance, sitting below the clouds.

The Lake District National Park in Cumbria is spread over an area of 2,293km. It is known for its rugged mountains, open view lakes and for its historical culture. Many are drawn to the town of Windermere, situated near the South Lakes – Windermere lake is the largest natural lake in England at 10.5 miles long! Scafell Pike mountain is situated in the small town of Scafell. Some describe the experience of walking Scafell Pike as ‘exhilarating, beautiful and breathtaking’.

Despite the hustle and bustle of city life that revolves around central London, the capital of England, there are many other reasons to visit the UK – for its luxurious mountain, countryside scenery and outdoor based activities.


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