Travel for Introverts

Life isn’t easy being an introvert. You will often miss out on plans on a Saturday night because you would rather be at home, alone and listening to music then out being socially awkward around friends. Many will tell you that you will live a very lonely, unhappy life. If you announce that you want to go backpacking alone they will turn around and tell you that you are ‘crazy’ and that you need to take your mind off such ‘crazy’ ideas by getting a mortgage or something more adult like and responsible.

I was once terrified of just the thought of travelling alone and relying on myself to get from A to B. But I came to realise that there are dangers no matter where you are in this world and that any obstacle can be overcome if you only believe in yourself. The best feeling in the world is standing tall, at the top of a mountain, looking down at the world care free, with no one to thank you for getting up there but your self. That’s the exact moment you can turn around and say that you have proved everyone wrong. Life is made for living, not just to sit back and rely on other’s to make you happy because it won’t and soon you’ll look back and regret the chances you didn’t take. Pride yourself of your adventurous spirit.

Are you too afraid of travelling because you find it difficult stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you find it hard trying to shrug off those negative comments about travelling alone?

Don’t worry! There are many of us introverts out there who would much rather be contemplating life’s wonders under the stars at night, in the middle of nowhere, with no one around.

When us introverts want to get away, we really do want to just get away, from it all. You will never find an introvert sipping cocktails on a beach in Spain, or walking the streets of a crowded city like London, for instance. Oh no. You are more likely to find us alone, in an uninhabited place. We like to savour our many hours of freedom and solitude when the opportunity arises.

You do not have to be a bubbly, outgoing extrovert to be able to travel the world. Don’t forget that. There are many places you can travel that are more secluded, rural and unspoiled. Some ideas for friendly-introverted destinations in the UK, depending on your style, could be to explore deep into a forbidden forest in Rendlesham, or the Forest of Dean where parts of the Harry Potter  series was filmed. If you are a little bit more spontaneous you could try heading up to the Highlands and camping alone in the wild in complete solitude.

There is never a shortage of somewhere to go if you are an introvert and struggle to converse easily with others.

Fight back. You are strong, courageous and have an adventurous spirit. BREAK FREE. Trust your instincts, pack a bag and prove everyone wrong. You can be happy while travelling alone.





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