Who are we to live

The Spoken Word can have an effect on the lives of many; it can inspire, recreate and motivate many creative individuals. Spoken Word poetry is something that you can experiment with time and time again and not lose site of the way it can make people feel.

Here is a piece I have written and performed in my home; it is called “Who are we to live” and is inspired by our need to conform to societal norms on a daily basis, to scared or afraid of breaking free. If you had the chance would you live a life outside of the norm? Why do we feel the need to behave this way?

You can find the lyrics to the poem below the link. I hope you enjoy and can relate to my piece and that it inspires you to try your hand at Spoken Word Poetry too.

“Who are we to live”

It’s close to midnight

Where do I start?

People walking around in a daze

Maybe it’s just a phase

Of our existence

To live this way.

Its 4 o clock in the afternoon

People wandering the streets

Heading home from work

I see us lurk

In the shadows of our being.

Its 7am

The sun is rising

The day has just begun

Many of us feeling numb

From out thoughts the night before.

Its 1 0 clock in the afternoon

And lunch is on the horizon

Why do we live life this way?

Everything we do or day

Must be in sync

And we must conform

To the societal norm.

Its 8pm

Our secrets are safe now

We try to escape reality

By heading out to sea

But no one can guarantee

Our plees for help will be heard.

For you see

No matter the time or day

Or what people may say

Many of us exist

But we never truly live.


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