Travel: Why is it so important to us?

It is important to travel as often as you can. Don’t threat over expenses, or worry that you’ll be missing out at home. Travelling gives you a sense of fulfillment and adds purpose to your life. To stay in one place for too long can lead you into a vicious circle of feeling very depressed and hopeless.

Travelling the world can be a solution to this. Why not hop on a plane to Amsterdam and get lost in the beauty of its architectural build? Or catch a train to Paris and to take that all important selfie of you and the Eiffel Tower? There are many things that can keep you entertained back home, but in the end you’ll be longing for more. There is an endless list of places to visit, languages to learn, and cultures to immerse yourself in.

So, why is travelling so important?

The more you travel, the better understanding you’ll have of the world and how it works. It can also be very beneficial to you spiritually and you can go on that all important journey in ‘finding yourself’. You can overcome many obstacles in your life when travelling, as it allows you to view life from a whole new perspective. If you are having trouble deciding on whether you want to go to into further study for example, or if you are happy and content with how your life is going, then travelling can help you to decide on a path that’s right for you.

Travelling can aid your spiritual growth because it can help you to explore and be more in touch with nature. You also become more aware of your surroundings, from the way the leaves fall in Autumn, to the sound of the waves rushing into shore by the sea.

The ultimate reason as to why travelling is so important is because it gives you a sense of freedom and control over your life. If you are struggling with your own self worth, or have major confidence issues then visiting new places can help you to by stepping out of your comfort zone.

It is important for us to seek new adventures, and explore new places in order to feel truly free and at peace with ourselves and the lives that we live.


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