Lisbon: The City of Art

The buildings of Lisbon, Portugal are overgrown, with ivy branching out of the rock. The streets merge into one, leading you up steep staircases and past local cafes until you can see the city, towering below you. It is a beautiful place to visit, explore and immerse yourself in.

If you stay in Nova De Santos, in the Hello Lisbon Apartments, you will be blessed with the glorious view across the Tagus River which eventually opens out to the Atlantic Ocean. You will never be short of places to eat in Lisbon, Portugal, with restaurants, cafes and bars around almost every corner, even away from the main tourist attractions.

We decided to head out to explore the city and took a City Sightseeing Portugal bus from the main square, which took us past the 25 de Abril Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Lisbon and up to the Belem Tower (also known as the Tower of St Vincent). Our next point of interest was the famous monument Padrao dos Descobrimentos and then the Jeronimos Monastery. It was hard not to admire the architectural structure of the monastery and the atmosphere it evokes.

We also had the pleasure of exploring Sintra, an hour away from the bustling city of Lisbon, and close to the National Park of Pena. The Pena Palace, a Romanticist castle stands tall, overlooking the small town of Sintra. The Palace was covered in pastel like colours and fairy tale like; its surroundings even more breathtaking. The grounds surrounding the Palace like an enchanted forest, and so easy to get lost in for hours on end!


I would strongly recommend the Santa Luzia viewpoint if you ever want picturesque views of Lisbon. Also, if you are ever in passing, to try the Portuguese speciality, Pasta de Natas – a delicious egg tart pastry.

Lisbon, Portugal is a city of art, with the streets covered in graffiti, of architecture, with cathedrals and churches standing tall and hidden alleyways you find yourself getting lost in. If you are itching to travel anywhere, I suggest Lisbon to be top of your list of destinations to explore!




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