If only

She watched herself suffering silently in the pouring rain. Are you lost? Are you alone? She stared into the darkness that consumed her soul. She was ready now. Misguided, careless and helpless, she wondered off down the streets of terror, claiming them as her own. Who is that girl? What is she doing? Questions only she could answer herself.

Sirens could be heard in the distance and only echoed her pain of wanting to live, but struggling to exist in a world full of sorrow.

As she approached the bridge, the spaces between her and the cars down below drew a fine line, of life and death. “If I am to go now, who will I be?”

The news of another attack on Silent Street belted out from a car below; this town will be the death of me. Don’t runaway, stay where you are. Her vision clouded by a strange, foggy mist heading her way. No longer could she reach out to anything that didn’t resemble chaos.

Blinded by the sea of lights, darkness consumed her and she fell down to the floor. The paved squares, looked familiar, she had seem them before, in another life. The smell of that town choked her, made her feel sick to the stomach. Will I ever get out?

Stumble, stumble to the edge of the bridge and someone will save me, just wait, let me just wait, until time sto… stop, stops. I will stay here with my demons. Claim them as my own.

Have you seen what’s in the news lately? Terrible, oh so terrible. Check into a soul asylum. Get out of here. Sleep, can’t move.

Are you okay? She looks like she needs some help. They took her away. Now she’s going to be locked away.

If only I had saved her before it was too late.





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