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The art of drowning

Breaking through the waves again the art of drowning, is easy to master when the darkness consumes you.   Terrified of being misread and misguided in the fall they could never tell at all if I was suffering or just... Continue Reading →

I’ve grown

The trees never blossomed in the fall, I've grown. The walls closed in, I've grown. Darkness consumed me, I've grown. You inflicted pain, I've grown. You took control, Now I stand tall Things have changed. Yes, I've grown.

Ruin is a Gift

Take control Of your life Reach out Pay attention To those around you Look for the signs. Step into a life you wish to live Take a lead On the vision of better world Set yourself free From conformity. All... Continue Reading →

Battle wounds

Somebody put your fire out Now you’ve been struck with doubt Will you survive another day?   Those walls you’re building Have you thought of knocking them down? Do you feel yourself losing the battle for the crown? Take down... Continue Reading →

Homesick Again

Homesick again. "But you've travelled so far. You can't turn back now." That is where you are mistaken my dear. For I am not longing to be back home. The city never sleeps. The mountains from afar are calling my... Continue Reading →


  Fight the system Of oppression A nation’s obsession With greed And capitalism Wars on Terror Leading to An apocalyptic future Putting the world to sleep.   Free yourselves From the border That governs you. Behold moments Of freedom Seek... Continue Reading →


I remember that night we danced       The evening sun bellowed down on our lost souls We were a world away from the reality that we knew      But maybe that night we had felt more alive... Continue Reading →

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