We are products of our own environment

Manufacturing our futures

Into something acceptable to society.

We are blessed

with the choice of being free

yet we choose instead

to be tied down to the system.

It is time we accept our fate

and let our deepest darkest desires

guide us.

Live with purpose, not for state.



The human race

Letting go of simplicity

In a world of inability to see

the human race is dying

we’re all prying

for life not to end like this. 


So tell me this is the life you want to live

or die knowing better than this

nothing left to give

but the passionate kiss

to the love of your existence. 


No way out

praying life gets better than this

imagine pure bliss

a life without trauma


i wouldn’t have it any other way. 


The art of drowning

Breaking through the waves again

the art of drowning,

is easy to master

when the darkness consumes you.


Terrified of being misread

and misguided in the fall

they could never tell at all

if I was suffering

or just another sad story.


Finding comfort in the chaos

of your existence

and troubled mind

creating a fine line

between life and death.


In a world of misunderstanding,

each side is a loser

riding through the waves

nobody can save us

from causing devastation in the storm.


The only form of escape,

is to break away

from the madness that consumes you,

all is lost.


We cannot be found.



Ruin is a Gift

Take control

Of your life

Reach out

Pay attention

To those around you

Look for the signs.

Step into a life you wish to live

Take a lead

On the vision of better world

Set yourself free

From conformity.

All those sleepless nights

Wasted time

Find your best self

In amongst the ruins

Ruin is the road to transformation.

Battle wounds

Somebody put your fire out

Now you’ve been struck with doubt

Will you survive another day?


Those walls you’re building

Have you thought of knocking them down?

Do you feel yourself losing the battle for the crown?

Take down your defences

And awakening your senses

To the life you wish to live.


The past is the past

Leave it behind and start again

This war isn’t worth fighting

If it’s just a reflection of who you used to be.

Things change and people move on

You can do the same

Without being afraid

Of breaking through the waves.


Your battle wounds are healing now

The sound of silence is no longer a grievance

Put down your armor

And run towards the ends of the earth

You’re on your own turf now.

Homesick Again

Homesick again.

“But you’ve travelled so far. You can’t turn back now.”

That is where you are mistaken my dear.

For I am not longing to be back home.

The city never sleeps. The mountains from afar are calling my name.

To turn back would be a disaster.

Take me now or watch me fall.

I am homesick again.


Suddenly I wake…

My thoughts have consumed me.

For I am not home.

I am in bed, in the comforts of these four walls.

This is not home.

Take me to the place I know well.

Free from the crowded streets that any City or town has to offer.

You know where home is.


My vision blurs as I try to recall

The long, lost land and Autumn fall.

“You’re sick” they say.

You need to go home.





Fight the system

Of oppression

A nation’s obsession

With greed

And capitalism

Wars on Terror

Leading to

An apocalyptic future

Putting the world to sleep.


Free yourselves

From the border

That governs you.

Behold moments

Of freedom

Seek peace and tranquillity.



Will give you reason

To fight.

The trees

How they blossom

This time of year

They show you how good it feels

To let the dead things go.