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Hiking the West Highland Way

Together, my partner and I ventured into the very heart of the Scottish highlands, embraced harsh conditions, became transfixed by an endless horizon of mountain peaks and tested out our new Trespass gear, to hike the west highland way. Day... Continue Reading →

Lisbon: The City of Art

The buildings of Lisbon, Portugal are overgrown, with ivy branching out of the rock. The streets merge into one, leading you up steep staircases and past local cafes until you can see the city, towering below you. It is a... Continue Reading →

Exploring the wonders of the Peak District National Park

When people ask you how your weekend went, usually you say “oh yeah, it was great thank you, spent most of it chilling” or seeing friends etc. Sound familiar? This weekend was different. Very different. Who knew it was possible... Continue Reading →

My Solo Christmas Adventure in Glencoe

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas and this year, I decided to head out on a solo adventure up to the glorious highlands of Scotland. I can't deny that I was overcome with a desire to break away and... Continue Reading →

Marching the Streets of London: NUS Demo 2016

If you are passionate about something then you must act upon it. Yesterday, I attended the NUS National Demo in London, marching 2.4 miles from Park Lane to Westminster, fighting for our rights. There were 15,000 of us in total,... Continue Reading →

Travel: Why is it so important to us?

It is important to travel as often as you can. Don't threat over expenses, or worry that you'll be missing out at home. Travelling gives you a sense of fulfillment and adds purpose to your life. To stay in one... Continue Reading →

Travelling to Edinburgh: A City of Wonder

  Day 1: Unfamiliarity Its 7:50pm and I have just arrived at The Hostel in Edinburgh (yes that’s its official name). I have just walked a mile and a half down the main high street after sitting patiently on a... Continue Reading →

Travel for Introverts

Life isn't easy being an introvert. You will often miss out on plans on a Saturday night because you would rather be at home, alone and listening to music then out being socially awkward around friends. Many will tell you... Continue Reading →

The perks of UK travel

Many of us who live in the UK are often prone to travelling abroad, rather than exploring first, the hidden gems that makes the UK one of the top travel destinations. So what are the primary factors that makes the... Continue Reading →

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